“I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.'”

President John F. Kennedy, 1 August 1963, in Bancroft Hall at the U. S. Naval Academy

 Here is our small tribute to our shipmates…. Our Friends….. Our Family


Aldridge Kenneth P
Arie Richard
Bateman, Joseph A
Bishop, Leo
Boyce, Michael J
Burdette, Jr Orin
Cale, George W
Cantrell, Nyle
Carlson, Kenneth
Carver, Clarence R ( Ray )
Charbonneau, Wilfred A
Christenson, Lyle M
Cichowicz, Dennis
Coccoluto, Nicholas D
Collingsworth, Lawrence E
Darney, Edward J
Del Greco, Sam
DeLeve, Melvin M
Deloplaine, Leonard
Donahoe, William P
Dyer, Robert L
Engell, Larry
Fowx, LeGrand I
Gardner, Charles
Hartman, Keneth C
Henderson, Sylvester
Herlihy, Thomas P
Hill, Chuck
Hosier, Robert
Jones, Malcolm
Judge Jr, William
Keough, Richard F
Kozel, Anton
Lawton, Robert J
Lester, James S.
Linde, Milton W
Lindauer, George
Lofstrom, Earl A
Loudermilk, Robert
Mercadante, Frank L
Meyers, Michael
Moschella, John
Null, Larry E
O’Brian Dan
O’Connor, Gerald
Pagett, Gerald C
Pinkman, James J
Poch, Ted
Popich, John J
Rasmussen, Johannes L
Ratering, William
Rawlings, David 
Rennert, Robert
Richison, Sr Jack
Ridley, John P
Ritchie, Arthur D
Rosenberg, Eugene
Ross, Ray
Roy, Edmund E
Ruhl, Ralph W
Runkle, Lowell D
Savino, Frank G
Schanno, Dell W.
Schevitz, Joseph K
Schwerin, Frank W
Scroggs,Harry S
Simonelli, Norman W
Smeltzer, Roland L
Smith, Mike
Spain, Herman
Spicer, Leland
Spille, Edward /Carolyn
Spray, Kenneth
Stewart, Harold
Summerlin, Ruth
Swart, Bill
Sweeny, Wayne D
Taranto, Sr Stephen A
Tiebor, Emerson J
Todd, Charles R (Bob)
Tomaselli, Vito
Ulmen, William J
 Valdez, Ormando
White, Gerald James
Wilcox, Ralph E.
Wilson, Frank W
Woll, Charles E
Yazinski, Paul
Zinter, Alfred C